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About the Foundation

The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children Foundation was created in 2019 to ensure the legacy and future of the School.


The Mission of the Foundation is to financially support the School’s Mission to nurture the unique abilities of individuals with blindness and visual impairment through educational excellence and a lifetime of learning.


Being a separate entity from the School, the Foundation can focus on fundraising and managing the funds while WPSBC administrators and educators can focus on educating students and nurturing their unique abilities.


The population of students with blindness and visual impairment is ever changing, and we’ve seen significant changes to how we meet student needs over the years. Regardless of the evolvement of visual diagnoses and medical complexities in the decades ahead, the Foundation solidifies the School’s financial future for generations to come.


The WPSBC Foundation is the sole fundraising entity for the School and is a public charity under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.